When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life!

When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life

Program Details

No weigh in!     No counting!      No special foods! 

Works with EVERY diet  and exercise routine 
A special multi-level support program designed to help you face your weight loss challenges and finally reach your goal!  


"Bring me your weight loss challenge.  I've got the solution!"

Judy Sherman has the answers you are looking for.  After a 20-year weight loss journey, Judy finally arrived at a permanent 70lb weight loss since 2006.  All because she got the answers and solutions to the problems she faced.  Here are just some of the common weight loss problems Judy can help you solve:
  • How can I drink more water
  • Getting over the love-hate exercise relationship
  • Changing the nighttime snack routine
  • Busting those powerful cravings
  • Eliminating feelings of guilt and failure

Even the roughest moments can have successful endings when you work with someone who understands!
  • I am an emotional eater.
  • I hate throwing out food.
  • I have to have my soda.
  • I've reached a plateau!  Now what?
Weight loss coach Judy Sherman will help you stick to your goal by helping you make the right choices in those tough moments.  You know you want to change.  Now you can get the step by step ways to make it happen.  

Special Introductory Rate!  Call or email for a free 15 minute consultation.  Bring me your challenge.  I've got the solution!


Individual consultations
 -- $35/$45 per session  (in person, phone or video, home/on site visits available*)

On-site group meetings -- $20 per week per person in group (minimum of 6 people per group)

Video Conference, weekend workshops, half-day seminars available -- contact us for details. 

Turn your weight loss challenge into weight loss success!  

Contact Judy                                                * additional fee applies

Think Your Way to Thin Radio Show with Ron Villano

Click here to listen  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ThinkYourWayToThin 


FINALLY!  The missing piece of your weight loss puzzle is right in your hands!  And you don't even have to leave your home to get maximum results.  Just listen in -- and change your life.


Think Your Way to Thin and lose that weight forever!  Join licensed psychotherapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, life & bereavement coach, national speaker and author Ron Villano and get the weight loss support you need to get back and stay on track to reach your goals. Success at last! 


Your relationship with food is a deeply personal one. Knowing WHY you make your eating decisions is the key to changing those old, destructive, life-long habits. Think Your Way to Thin works with every weight loss program because it offers you the support you have been missing! Had a bad weigh in this week? Give Ron a call!  Feel like you are the only person in the room stuck at a plateau?  Call in and get an attitude adjustment right on the spot.  Feel like you want to eat the whole box?  Call in and take your mind off the urge!


Think Your Way to Thin with Ron Villano is based upon the successful and life-changing tips and tools of The 30-Day Fix, a simple and powerful program used by Ron in his counseling and coaching practice.   When you choose to change your thoughts about food, you begin to change your life!  Join Ron and get the real results you need!

The 30-Day Fix

30-Day Fix logoThe next 30-Days of amaZing change!

The 30-Day Fix

You can begin your new life any day of the week. Why not today?


The 30-Day Fix is designed to help you take your life in a new direction.  The 30-Day Fix is a proven program to help you to make permanent change in your life.  The key to making any change to any habit is to make new life-changing choices one moment at a time.  Knowing what prevents you from taking new Crossroads in your life is where the 30-Day Fix begins.  Four easy to understand tools will help guide your self-discovery journey.  No matter what habit you want to change, this is exactly the approach you have ben looking for!


The 30-Day Fix was created from the successful and life-changing tips and tools Ron uses in his counseling and coaching practice. Thousands have achieved their goals and changed their lives forever by following this simple and powerful program, based upon the philosophies of The Zing.  Choose to commit the next 30-Days to these four tips and you will put yourself on a new journey -- guaranteed!


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