When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life!

When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life

Think About Me -- Judy Sherman

Judy in 2005

Fat Judy Face Shot

Fat Judy Sitting

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Thin Judy Face ShotThe last time I was at my weight goal was fifteen years ago.  Until I found the secret to permanent weight loss in 2006 and permanently lost over 70lbs.  Hard to believe… but I am living proof!


I don't have to fill in the story because YOU know it already.  Marriage, kids, life.  Everything typical.  Including the best of the worst ever said to me.  Imagine this...someone asked me with an entire crowd of people around when my baby was due.  The room went quiet, I gave them the nasty eye, smiled, and politely told them, "three years ago."  I  walked out of the room and cried…incredible!


Then I met licensed psychotherapist and innovative inspirational speaker Ron Villano.  In just one day, I  began to change the way I thought about everything!  And while I was in the middle of making these amazing changes , I realized that the pounds were melting off.  More incredibly, I began to exercise regularly, not because I had to, because I truly wanted to exercise.  I finally could make all the right choices in those critical food moments because I no longer wanted to sabotage my long-term health goals.  I was a new person and now I wanted the body to go along with it!

 Thin Judy Standing

Think Your Way to Thin was the missing piece -- understanding the WHY of eating, and how my relationship with food is directly related to all the other things going on.   Eating was what I did when I was bored, upset, stressed, anxious...  I would eat when I felt like life was hard.  I ate because I thought it would make me feel good.  Or divert my attention.  Many times, I would just eat for no reason -- talk about a mindless "waist" of time!   


From the very moment I discovered this missing piece, I was simple able to make better choices because I changed my thoughts and relationships with food.  I went from choosing not to eat to choosing to be healthy.  That tip right there makes a huge difference to your mind.  This meant that I wasn't denying myself anything.    Sure, I had set-backs, but they no longer led me to failure because the goal was not about losing pounds.  My new goal was to gain back my health, create better sense of well-being and self-esteem.  And not only have I achieved my goal but I also have more peace and harmony than I ever thought possible.


The yo-yo dieting was a thing of the past because I learned that the power to choose change outlasts the will-power to refuse.


Food was no longer a weapon I use to sabotage myself.  Food is no longer the relationship which determines the course of my day.  Food is no longer the pathway to happiness.  I used to give my power away to my food and now I keep that power in my own hands!


I have lost 70lbs since 2006 and kept it off!  This is not a fad diet.  This is not an extreme fix-it exercise program.  This is real life-changing self-awareness program that will not only help you achieve your weight goals, but will help you to get the zing back in your life.  Simple,  successful, and powerful right from the start! 


Think Your Way to Thin is the missing piece of any weight loss puzzle guaranteed to change your entire life from the moment you begin! There is no more powerful weight loss tool on the market. 

When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life!

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